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Data Analytics and Insights
for Web 3.0

Real-time analytics for blockchain smart contracts.

Supported Platforms

Ethereum RSK XDai Chain

Coming Soon

Tron EOS Cardano

Intuitive features.
Powerful results.

From understanding usage and behavior of smart contracts,
discover the effortless way of being on top of it all.

Understand Usage

Understand Usage

  • Empowers everyone to do more with actionable and functional data.
  • High-Level insights that reflect real world usage to help understand and drive app and protocol adoption.

Take actions

Take Action

  • Realtime data insights for fast decison making that can help grow your business.
  • Identify key trends, understand the why, set goals and create an informed hypothesis on how to reach those goals.


Expand Reach

  • Enhanced visibility with the ability to see metrics across multiple blockchain platforms.
  • Create custom reports that compare onchain metrics across blockchains and visualize them in a compelling way.