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Supported Platforms

Chainbeat: Analyze the behaviour of your Smart Contracts

Realtime data insights for fast decision making

See exactly what's happening with your smart contracts and account wallets. Don't let your business be one step behind others.

Chainbeat: Analyze the behaviour of your Smart Contracts

Powerful data visualization to help understand usage and drive adoption

Create custom reports and track metrics in real-time using Chainbeat. Extract and visualize data from blockchain like never before.

Chainbeat: Create the graphs that help you improve your business


Want to be in the loop when something crucial happens to your contracts or wallet? Don’t be the last one to respond to crucial events.

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Download on-chain data slices and then use any BI tool to slice and dice the data off-chain to take your analytics to the next level.

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Report Studio

Create comprehensive and in-depth custom reports that showcase usage and activities of smart contracts across blockchain ecosystems.

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Market Pricing

Get key insights into how system and user activity impact market pricing with our custom pricing data integration.

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