How to Create a Chainbeat Report

To create custom report you will need:

  1. A account (register here)
  2. One or more smart contracts added to your account.

Here are the steps to build your custom report:

  1. Open Reports page and click "Get Started" Get Started
  2. Fill name of your Report and click "Next"
  3. A report is made up of a number of individual components. You can add as many components as you want in a report. Its a simple and intuitive 4-step process. Click "Add Report Components" to start the component wizard. Add Report Components
    1. Select one or as many contracts from the list that you would like to include in your report. Select Contracts
    2. Choose available metric for your contract/s. Please note, that some metrics have additional filters that you can apply. For example, you can filter transactions by method. At this step, you also need to specify how to aggregate your data. Aggregate results by day or calculate total value for the whole period. Choose Metric
    3. Next you will need to set title of your component and select date range. Please note that we support dynamic and static date ranges. Dynamic date ranges like ‘this week’ or ‘this month’ are calculated according to the current day. Select Title and Date Range
    4. At the final step you need to choose how to visualize your component by choosing the appropriate chart that best describes your scenario. Choose Chart and Size
    5. Next click "Generate Component" and you will see your first component added to the report. First Component
  4. To add other components, please follow the above steps. Please note that you can edit, reorder and resize your components. Edit reorder and resize componrnts
  5. Now you are ready to publish your report. Published reports will be visible for everyone.